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Price: 240 EUR + VAT

Solution: **

Compatible: WinMENTOR, WinMENTOR Enterprise

Configuration: WinMENTOR sau WinMENTOR Enterprise: Extended               



 prezentare solutie (~ 515 kB)


Extend software appilcation allows specific warehouse operations and data colletion via mobile terminals, equipped with barcode readers. The application provides collection, verification and transmission of data in ERP WinMENTOR.


Main scop of Extend application is to integrate the datas from reception, delivery and inventory with WinMENTOR system. The major advantaje of this solution is that extend the capacities of an ERP, by collecting informations at source, during warehouse operations.


Extend helps you to optimize you business processes:

  • avoiding human error;
  • simplifying the receptions and delivery operations;
  • reducing the inventory time;
  • reducing workload and employees efforts;
  • stock informations in ERP application;


The application need scanners (data terminal) CipherLab type, estimated costs 350-500 EUR + VAT /pice.

Attention! Extend application is exclusively dedicated to sequential scans. There no development requires for flux scanning!



  Using instructions  (~ 5.2 MB)


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