Warehouse management solutions (WMS)



Warehouse management systems are composed from 2 interactive parts:

  • mobile warehouse management system: WMS
  • warehouse control system: SCM (Supply Chain Managemnet), facilitaties that usually are included in ERP systems (WinMENTOR Enterprise can offer you some raports based on that topic).


A. Basic operations


Bar codes are usually used for activities which involve indentifying items:

  • receptions from suppliers 
  • receptions from subunits
  • notes from productions units
  • out transfers
  • in transfers
  • delivery to subunits
  • consumer bills
  • delivery to beneficiary
  • inventory
  • items informations: stck/price/expery date, etc



B. Special operations  


By bar code technology the beneficiaries can organize the warehouses on subunits, warehouse zones (shelves, locations), which creates other handling articles operations:

  • "put away" or "storage" 
  • "picking"
  • "cross docking", "inspection" and "wawe planing" 




  More infomations about WMS 




The solutions are distinguished in 2 basic categories:


1. Solutions based on sequential scanning


Thiese systems are the easiers one most and communicate offline with the ERP (WinMENTOR Classic and  WinMENTOR Enterprise). The mobile scanner software (data terminal) knows some basic operations:

  • entry (reception, notes, entry transfer
  • delivery 
  • inventory
  • info stock


Systems in this category:

2. Flow scanning solutions


Although there are some common points, usually this solutions are customized for each partner and are based on the communiction between ERP and WMS software (only in WinMENTOR Enterprise are made developments), the WMS application use informations from ERP and send datas online (doc-imp-server module is mandatory) in ERP. Some flux operations exemples:

  • receptions form suppliers based on suppliers orders (the PDA warn/force the warehouse manager in cases where on the invoice are itmes or quantity wrong
  • notes based on launch productions orders
  • prepare the delivery (pick-up) based on customers orders and shipping



Systems that can be personalized for interface with WinMENTOR Enterprise:



Technical elements needed for implementind the bar code solutins are:

  • scanners
    • fixed or wireless 
    • mobile (datas terminal)
  • printer 
    • thermal printers
    • normal printers
  • dispenser
  • barcode labels