Optimall SFA - agends solutions on PDA, smartphone or tablets



Producer: Arobs

Activity: comert, distributie

Price: nespecificat

Solution: *****

Compatible: WinMENTOR, WinMENTOR Enterprise

WinMENTOR minimum configuration needed: Extensive + Doc-imp-server


OptimallSFA by AROBS is an informatic system which ensure the automatization of sales and distribution process.It is designed for companies with its own network of sales agends which have daily rutes for takeing orders from customers. Sales agends are equipment with PDA (smartphone, tablets) through which transmit in real time the orders directly in ERP system.



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1. Application components


The solution is composed from 3 integrated software components:

• Back Office application
• Interface with WinMENTOR system
• Mobile application which are installed on PDA, smartphone or tablets





















2. Operations mode


This solution for sales force automation SFA helps the agends in sales process because they have constantly access on informations about:

• stocks, price, discounts and promotionsfor diferent products
• customers state (ballances, previous orders, packing,blocks, etc.)


Data collection based on beneficiary requirements, can be:


OptimallSFA Pre-Sales - allows tacking orders, receipts, goods return directly to from clients with immediate delivery. The package incllude the Back Office application, mobile terminal application and interface with stock system.
OptimallSFA Van-Sales - allows direct billing to the customer wihle delivery the goods. The package include beside the pre sale application also the printing bills on printer.



The transmission mode of orders/invoice is ONLINE: these are submitted by Internet/GPRS, directly in stock system. For transmission and data syncronization online, mobile terminal and the PC where is installed the application need a permanent internet connection.

Due to the flexibility, the OptimallSFA solution its addresed to distribution or production companies from more industrions: beverage, food, dairy, meet, ice cream, cigarettes disctribution, etc.



3. Operating system


OptimallSFA system is available in AndroidOS version and can be installed on any terminal (smartphone or tablets).



4. Advantages and benefits


• sales force automation by using  a uniform system for recording and processing oreders/invoice
• stock control by tracking in real time the receives and blocking the non paying customers
• reducing costs by eliminating human error
• encrease the labor productivity due to efficient use of time and informations by sale force
• customer loyalty by offering proffesional services (orders change, order history, etc.)
• avoiding the OOS (out-of-stock) due to view stock option 
• motivation and accountability sale force  by integrating in the system the individual sales targets and review the progress of achievements vs. target
• real time evaluation by supervisor the sales team performance
• rapid and improved access of sales force to data base (cliens, contacts, etc.)
• efficiency implementation of ongoing promotions (stock liquidation, etc.)


5. Standard and optional package


OptimallSFA – standard package 

• Clients, stocks
• Items, stocks and prices
• Orders and goods return
• Tacking over and insertion receipts
• Clients routing
• Search 
• Invoice printing – only in Van-Sales versions
• ERP interface
• Blocking mode
• Specific raports module for characterize activity and sales agends
• Message module
• Discount module






















Modulul optional Merchandising


OptimallSFA – optional modules

• Promotions module
• Packaging module
• Optimal orders module
• Sales history
• PDA monitor module 
• Hotspot block module
• Navigation module directly from OptimallSFA application to next client 
• Phone call module directly form OptimallSFA application 
• Priority itmes module
• New client module
• Merchandising module
• Receipts printer on thermal printers


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Technical equipment (tablets + baterry + other accessories) can be delivered by AROBS Company. The implementation is made by Arobs Transilvania.


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