Orders, sales and receipts by smartphone or tablets



Producer: Next IT Bucuresti

Activity: trade, distribution ("Pre-Sales" and "Van-Sales")

Solution: ***

Compatible: WinMENTOR, WinMENTOR Enterprise

Minimum configuration needed WinMENTOR: Extensive + Doc-imp-server



Basic Module

Include: partners take over, partners adresses, ballances, articles, stocks, quality certificates, sales price, offers, discounts, promotions, routing – from WME, take over the orders from agends, create new partners.

  • 200 EUR + VAT / licence (for WinMENTOR Classic)
  • 250 EUR + VAT/ licence (for WinMENTOR Enterprise)


Invoices module

Include: preluarea facturilor de catre agenti si listarea lor.

  • 50 EUR + TVA / licenta


Modul Incasari

Include: receipts take over by agends.

  • 50 EUR + VAT / licence

Raports module

Include: sales raports,receipts, orders, partners ballance, invoices list, the list of the last transfer made by agend.

  • 10 EUR + VAT / licence


Include: business logic analisys, ftpservice instalation, instalation on terminal the application, agends training


Include: up-grade to last version, phone and remote assistance

  • 22% per year of licences – mandatory for the first year



Include: personalization and development analisys

  •  40 EUR + VAT / hour.



50% discount for MEMO Mobile users




Memo is connected by GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA or WiFi to WinMENTOR by Doc-Imp-Server interface. Allows to sales agends recording on PDA:

  • clients orders
  • partner ballance
  • billing with or without print to printer
  • invoice cancellation 
  • create new partner
  • collection through receipts of the partner
  • partner and sales agends raports


Datas are recording through offline/online access via doc-imp-server automatically in WinMENTOR!


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