Memo: Orders, sales and receipts by PDA



Producer: Neologics Mantova (Italy) & NetFusion Iasi

User area: trade, distribution

Price: 140 EUR + VAT / PDA (basic configuration).

The minimun WinMENTOR configuration required: Expanded + Doc-imp-server


Connect to your bussines!

Memo application type SFA is running on any PDA with Windows Mobile operating system Pro 5.0, 6.0 ... 6.5 and is a powerful tool for both: sales agent and for management. Minimum resolution required is 320x240 (type vertical).


Memo conected through GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/WiFi/Bluetooth or receiving data cable (articles, partners, stocks nomenclature) from WinMENTOR interface Doc-Imp-Server. Allows to sales agent to record on PDA:

  • customers order
  • verification partner ballance
  • billing with or without listing to the printer (Wifi or Bluetooth)
  • invoice cancellation
  • create a new partner
  • receipt from partner
  • partners and sales agents statistics


The data thus recorded through offline/online access reach via doc-imp-servser automatically in WinMENTOR!

For commissioning the application we recommand HelpDesk Flexibil subscription or an informatic services packages.


 Complete solutions!


   Necessary technical facilities (PDA, printer) can be delivered by our          company!



   The application works also with WinMENTOR Enterprise, a case study for  this system will be attached here:




 Case study Unilever South Eastern Europe




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