Dynamic analysis of WinMENTOR datas through OLAP cubes



Producer: LogBis

Activity: general

Standard version price: 500 EUR + VAT / station.



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Hyper Analyzer is an informatic package of Business Intelligence (BI) which can be connect to almost any stoarge system, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL, DB2, Informix, Postgres, MySQL, Interbase, FoxPro, Access or txet or Excel files and ... Borland used by WinMENTOR. Datas are extracted, local or central stoarged is imported and analyzed in an intuitive and easy to use enviroment. Reports are generatedin a hight fidelity vector format. A report generator is included in package for customization the results (company logo, comments).



Hyper Analyzer software package is the most accessible BI solution on romanian market. Licensing is made on work station (software), simultaneously only one user can run as many sessions as he wants. Is a performance desktop application of datas analisys which does not involve servers or dedicated hardware is runing on any actual PC. It runs immediatly after setup without any other additional setup on windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7 and on server Windows 2000-2011.



Following the partnership with TH Junior LTD (the prducer of WinMENTOR  software package), LogBis created a special connector for Paradox databases so WinMENTOR database interrogation is no longer a single month, even on several year only in few seconds.



The application connects to the WinMENTOR database (but olso to other databases) and allows to WinMENTOR  connoisseurs to define datas interrogation. Proffesional analisys sales, aquisitions, stock, receipts or complex financial analisys are offers as standard modules at very attractive prices.


So, purchasing Hyper Analyzer you can in one of next situations:


  • define interrogation on database, build your own OLAP cubes and its reports
  • purchasing the predefine OLAP cubes, related with your area of interes for analisys (sales analisys, aquistion analisys, agends analisys...)


Predefine OLAP cubes price form WinMENTOR:

  • Warehouse module: included in Developer version
  • Aquisition, sales, transfers, stock analisys: 1.500 EUR + VAT
  • Financial module: 1.500 EUR + VAT
  • Payments and receipts module reports: 1.000 EUR + VAT.


  download 'demo' HyperAnalyzer sharware (~37 MB)



  download transactions module demo



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