Online Orders: B2B (Business to Business)



Producer: TH Junior Iasi

Activity: trade, distribution

Price: 1.500 EUR + VAT / server

Solution: ****

Compatible: WinMENTOR Enterprise

Minimum WME configuration needed: Extensive, Standard Commercial



Online Orders module is a Web Server application and require the server Web IIS instalation. The function clients order allows to a client to record orders on data base through a web browser, selecting articles directly from WinMENTOR ENterprise data base. The user can see his order status, have quantity situation that have been accepted by producer. The informations goes automatically in WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE databse through Doc-Imp-Server.


This application is a B2B application (business to business), its adressed to company PARTNERS, which operats orders from s site authentification. This IS NOT a B2C application (business to customer), IS NOT a web shop which allows order from any visitor.



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Next we will present a case study:


Country Elements SRL company from Satu Mare (G.M. Italia partner) produce furniture at Satu Mare. The most important partners of the company have an access cod on site, section "Comenzi online" (the web site isn't part of "Online orders applicatipn presentation")



... and place orders based on attributes (in their case "scocca", "cuscinatura", "cuscini"). At other activities we have other attributes...


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The saved orders in "Online Orders" achieve automatically in WinMENTOR Enterprise system at "Comenzi de la clienti" model, where an human operator will establish the acceptated quantities and the delivery term:


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Based on confirmation made by WinMENTOR Enterprise operator, the beneficiary order will be notified through "Online Orders" application about the accepted quantity and deliveries terms:


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The price and the partners names are fictitious. End of story.


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